Kind Words From Our Friends

What People Are Saying About Working with Dana

“I went on the September retreat with Dana to The Tuscany area and was blown away! I’m a very experienced traveler and had even been to Tuscany before but never have I experienced a true cultural emersion! Exactly what I was wanting!"

Christie Powell

Dana Wall planned our trip with the details in mind. She made sure each of us had the opportunity to share what we would like to do, see and experience. Her ability to fine tune our event is what made it the perfect vacation. Thank you Dana for your professionalism and attention to detail - that is what made this a dream come true."

Chris Hardine

Dana is so responsive to her travelers’ interests and needs. She is incredibly easy to be with - kind, knowledgeable, down to earth and relatable. I felt comfortable without being coddled and cared for without being smothered. The cultural immersion we experienced in Italy was exactly what I was hoping for on my first international trip.

Now I can’t wait to return!"

Susan Stork