5 Must-Haves when traveling to Europe

July 22, 2018



 When traveling to Europe, sometimes we forget the most obvious!!


I’ve made a list of 5 super-important things that you should have with you in order for your trip to go smoothly. 

Some of these take a little pre-planning so you may want to start a few weeks before you leave!

I would also highly recommend that you carry the following items with you on the plane.  

Luggage gets lost or delayed and you don’t want to be without these must-haves.


  • Passport-GAME OVER if you forget it. I wonder how many people have actually gotten to the airport on their way to a European vacation then realized they forgot their passport? Probably more than we’d like to guess. Get your passport ahead of time, if you already have one, check your passport expiration date to see if it is getting close.  A lot of countries won’t let you in if you have less than 3 months left before your passport expires!!!


  • ATM and Credit cards-NOTIFY YOUR BANK that you will be traveling and to what countries. You can often do this online and you will also want to check the fees involved. There are banks that have no international transaction fees and also don’t charge ATM fees.  High fees can add up quickly and ruin the fun of your vacation! Wouldn’t you rather spend your money on a nice meal or souvenir? 


  • Adapters or converters-YOU WILL NEED THEM! An adapter allows you to use your U.S. electronics overseas, a converter actually converts the Voltage. You can read a detailed explanation here . Adaptors are fine in most cases however, I have blown up many a curling iron so know double check!  Whichever you choose, just remember that you will have a VERY difficult time trying to find a U.S. to Euro adapter in Europe for obvious reasons. Fortunately, these days you can find Euro USB plugs in stores there, and they are cheap. Don't forget that the EU and the UK have different adapters so make sure you have what you need. 




  • Medication-CARRY IT ON! Bags get lost and delayed so if you are taking any medication at all, make sure you have it with you in your carry on. You will also want to make sure in advance that you have enough to get you through your trip. Medications in Europe are totally different from what we have at home, so you could be in a pinch if you leave it behind. Remember also, that Ibuprofen is a prescription drug in Europe so don’t forget to bring some along!


  • Travel documents-PRINT THEM OUT!  This includes all of your hotel, car rental, flight confirmation number, train tickets, etc. and make sure you have them with you. There is a decent chance that you will have bouts of bad internet so you don’t want to be without addresses, confirmation numbers and dates. You may also want to download your travel apps and take cell phone screen shots of some things, just remember if something happens to your phone, good old paper will still be with you!



It’s always smart to plan ahead and forgetting these things could make or break your European vacation experience.


If you’d like more tips and advice on travel to Europe be sure to follow me on Facebook and Pinterest. If you’re thinking of traveling to Europe but don’t want to deal with all the planning involved, contact me for help. I’d love to give you inspiration and guidance! 










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