Italy Lover



I have been helping people travel to Europe for over 10 years.  Switzerland, Hungary, France, Austria and Italy have been some of our destinations....but Italy...Italy makes my heart beat.

Almost 12 years ago, my mom passed away, I was going through a difficult time and was at the lowest of lows.  I wanted to get away somewhere are was looking for a place to recover 

I had been a few times to a town in Italy called Barga, it is in the Tuscan Hills and it seemed like a good choice. I went alone and I slept, read several books, prayed and meditated.  


I thought I would be spending all my time alone but that was not possible, the locals of this small town embraced me; I made life-long friends and continue to feel drawn to this place-I now own a small property in the area and return a few times a year.  

Italy is a magnet for me, it is  healing and inspirational. 

In short, this is how I was inspired in Tuscany.


I hope that you will have the opportunity to join us on a trip or tour, or that I can help you plan your dream trip to Europe!

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