"We were forever changed after traveling to Italy with Dana, sounds dramatic and it is.

Experiencing small town Italy, the markets, the food, the people, the history, the wine - oh my.

I dare you to travel to Italy and not be changed for good."   -Wendy Batten 


Let us help you step out of  your Familiar Surroundings 

Hit the Pause, Refresh and Reset Buttons... 

Follow me to Italy!

When we give ourselves permission to take that leap of faith, we find out things that we never would have known otherwise”-Hillary Rushford

I have been completely "Inspired in Tuscany" and want to share my experience with you, traveling gives you the chance to discover the unexplored and learn about other cultures. It makes you conscious and alive.


I'd love to help you with your travel plans,

whether a full-on planned getaway, a group tour with us or let us help you plan your own retreat! 

After bringing groups to Italy annually for years and planning group tours, I can show you those off-the-beaten path spots.  I want you to experience the magic of this place,

I promise you won't regret it. 

Give yourself permission to get away!!


- Dana